Advocacy Areas

Arts for LA developed a Policy Framework as a tool to build awareness, increase empowerment and enable quick action as issues arise.

Three major issue areas guide Arts for LA’s collective advocacy by providing a policy framework for campaigns and strategic activities: Civic Engagement, Cultural/Creative Economy, and Education. Arts for LA’s overarching objectives are to retain cultural infrastructure in LA County at its existing levels and to engage an ever-increasing number of people in this effort. 

Additional regional objectives are developed in conjunction with community members and are aligned with Arts for LA’s vision and mission. These teams provide tactical support to achieve these objectives at the local level.

Advocacy Toolkit

A toolkit to give you the resources you need to become an effective arts advocate in your community.

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Civic Engagement

Los Angeles County requires an informed, engaged, and involved society able to participate in their community and in their government. Arts Vote is how we achieve this goal.

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Cultural/Creative Economy

Cultural and creative businesses are the fourth largest business sector in Los Angeles County, generating $115 billion in revenues annually.

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Data & Research

Arts for LA tracks the latest research, and is starting to compile our own resources to advance the arts and culture conversation.

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Public education must include the arts which fosters creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and teamwork, skills needed to compete in a twenty-first century workforce. 

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