California Arts Council Changes: Take Action

Nov 15, 2023

California Arts Council: Proposed Changes

The Statewide and Regional Networks grant program is one of few that support arts service organizations serving as backbones in our arts and cultural ecosystem to build more unity, capacity, and collective impact.

The CAC Programs Policy Committee has proposed an end to this program, along with several other changes that would destabilize the field and promote zero sum thinking.


Submit written comment ahead of the CAC’s discussion on November 17th, or tune in at 10AM PST to share verbal public comment in opposition to these changes. You can also sign this petition.

November 17th Agenda

Suggested Talking Points:

  • We recognize and support the CAC’s intention to find ways to more equitably fund arts and culture and address the historic marginalization of communities of color. However, the assumptions underlying these proposals do not fully reflect the lived experience of folks on the ground, nor do they address the root causes of inequity. 
  • We are grateful that the CAC is no longer considering the termination of the SRN program as it would create a significant void in funding for arts service organizations, hindering their ability to provide crucial support to California-based artists. 
  • In some cases, SRNs are fiscal sponsors that enable small unincorporated organizations to access critical state funding. 
  • Still, concerns remain regarding the change in requirements. We need more clarity on what constitutes a “arts producing” organization. How will SRNs gather the required data? Will support from the CAC be provided? Can the data gathering process be contracted out to a research firm? 
  • The constant changes made by CAC to its programs are damaging to the field and detailed implementation plans are important to build and sustain public support. 
  • Conduct a more comprehensive review of these proposals that considers the potential impact on the arts ecosystem.
  • Conduct adequate data analysis and provide time for grantees to plan and adjust when significant changes are proposed. 
  • Work in partnership with and unite the arts ecosystem to solve the structural problems that impact the agency and the field, including its historic undercapitalization.