"Yes-Yes" for Education: It's a Mess, But Don't Punish Kids

Photo: empty school desksA majority of Californians support increased investment in public education, yet both statewide initiatives that would bring more money to public schools lag in the polls. How did California get in this mess? Earlier this year, at least three different political, ideological and educational “interests” were mobilizing... Read more

All Politics Is Local: the Importance of School Board Elections

Photo: Campaign Survey ProjectAround this time of year, when the airwaves are filled with ads for ballot measures, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and a little cynical. And yet there are local elections underway, like those for school board that will have an important impact on our kids, schools and community.

In recent years, our schools have... Read more

Measure J Will Set LA County in Motion

This November, Los Angeles County voters will be asked to support Measure J, a much-needed investment in our transportation system that would start up seven transit projects and eight highway improvement projects within five years and complete them within fifteen, providing traffic relief along with 250,000 good jobs. Measure J is a remarkable opportunity to put the county back to work modernizing our transportation system. It does this not by raising taxes but by extending by another 30... Read more

Guest blog: Laura Zucker on Ten Years of Arts for All in Los Angeles County


Laura Zucker blogs about how Arts for All stays ahead of the curve.



This post originally appeared on Americans for the Arts's ARTSblog on August 10, 2012.  We thank... Read more

School Funding and the Price of Flexibility


By UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (UCLA IDEA)

Originally posted in... Read more