Creative Workers Exchange

The E-Dinner Series for Creative Workers Exchange pilot program is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Arts for LA. This program is an opportunity for the local arts and culture community to build networks through listening, learning, and exchanging insights.

This inaugural program is composed of 10 cohorts all listed below. These evening conversations are free and open to the public and offer opportunities for attendees to ask questions, share comments or recommendations, and interact with one another. Community members, arts & culture professionals, local artists and arts workers are welcome and encouraged to join multiple sessions across the program.

Questions? Please contact:

Thank you to attendees and speakers who joined our concluded cohorts.



Our Speakers

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Art Therapists
Speakers: Jessica Schulman Edelstein, Sarah Frank Jarvis, Nadia Fernanda Paredes Guapo, Joyce Yip Green

Creative Career Pathways
Speakers: Jaime Zavala, Diane Brigham, Dan McLeary, Diane Luby Lane

Entertainment Writers of Color
Speakers: Consuelo G. Flores, Raqiyah Mays, Joenique Rose, David Valdez

LGBTQ+ Arts Leaders and Managers
Speakers: Kirsten Schaffer, Damien S. Navarro, Samuel U. Vasquez

Museum and Gallery Workers
Speakers: Rick Noguchi, Nathalie Sánchez, Milena Acosta, Daniela Alvarez

Outdoor Festival Producers
Speakers: Aaron Paley, Rachel Burke, Karen Mack, Chanchanit (Chancee) Martorell

Performing Arts Leaders and Managers
Speakers: Mari Riddle, Ellen Boudreau-Den Herder, Tamica Washington-Miller, Kamran V

Youth Media Jobs
Speakers: Karen Kiss, Martine McDonald, Brandon Santiago