May 17, 2024

Las Fotos Project

Los Angeles, CA

Las Fotos Project celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2025, and the Quince Fundraiser honors the organization’s dedication to empowering women and gender-expansive youth through photography. This remarkable event is slated to include a silent auction, alongside a ceremony, dinner, and a communal space for students, artists, community advocates, entrepreneurs, and more to connect. Las Fotos Quince will be held on May 17, 2025 at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown LA.

The event planner for the Las Fotos Quince Fundraiser plays a pivotal role in orchestrating every detail of the event to ensure its success. They are responsible for coordinating with vendors, communicating with the venue, managing logistics, and overseeing the timeline to ensure that all aspects of the fundraiser run smoothly.

Salary: $20,000

Benefits: N/A

Education requirements: N/A

Deadline to apply: June 5, 2024

Documents required to apply: Resume, cover letter, references, work sample/portfolio

How to apply: Full details here.