Mar 12, 2024

Events and Publicity Archive

The American Cinematheque seeks an intern whose primary responsibilities will be in the Programming and Archive Departments, with additional assignments in Membership/Resource Development, Marketing, and Operations. Reporting to the Archivist and Senior Film Programmer, this individual will assist the programming team in event planning and production, writing of blurbs and series texts; research on new releases and topics related to upcoming programs, and preparation of client decks. In addition, this individual will annotate and transfer the Archive’s audio and video files to internal databases, re-house paper files, identify photographs, trim audio/video materials, and do historical research. The intern will receive dedicated training in all of these areas.

This position is made possible by the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Program, which is designed to offer career exploration opportunities to students who identify as members of groups that remain underrepresented in visual arts careers. The AC encourages candidates of all abilities to apply.

About The American Cinematheque

Established in 1984, the American Cinematheque is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural arts organization dedicated to building an engaged film community through immersive film curation, conversation, and presentation. The American Cinematheque celebrates the movie-going experience at the core of its mission. Since it first began showing films in theatres in 1985, the American Cinematheque has provided a wide range of film programming, with both new and repertory cinema, hosting screenings, panels and special events with thousands of filmmakers and luminaries. The Cinematheque showcases over one thousand five hundred films per year; it connects the filmmaker to the audience and film history to its future. Presenting in 35mm, 70mm, rare nitrate, and state-of-the-art digital.

The Cinematheque values fun. As our brand values state, “Film is alive. Through the joy of movies, we celebrate with new friends and reunite with old friends. Most importantly, we have fun.”

The Getty Marrow Programming and Archive Internship will offer the selected undergraduate student the opportunity to:

Receive training and mentorship from the American Cinematheque’s Programming and Archive Team, with access to all departments including marketing/branding, event coordination, and operations.
Gain an understanding of and experience in the daily workings of a multi-disciplinary community-based arts organization
Provide a broad education with real-world skills development in research; archival techniques (proper storage, re-housing, and labeling, to take a few examples); use of professional editing software (Media Encoder/Audacity/Premiere) for audio/video trimming; film research; and nonprofit administration.

Getty Marrow Undergraduate Interns must meet the following eligibility criteria:

While these internships are intended for students from background underrepresented in museums and visual arts professions, Getty encourages eligible candidates from all backgrounds to apply for consideration. Getty is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected trait under the law. Candidates are sought from all areas of undergraduate study at any higher education institution–community college, trade school, and public and private university– and are not required to have demonstrated a previous commitment to the visual arts. In addition, applicants must:

Be a member of a group underrepresented in careers related to art conservation, museums, and/or visual arts organizations, which can include groups defined by– among other things – socioeconomic status, cultural background, physical or other disability, geographical origin and/or any life experiences that add diverse and underrepresented perspectives. 
Be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate in either a bachelor’s degree program or an associate’s degree program. Students must have completed at least one semester or two quarters of college by June. Students who graduated the semester or quarter immediately before the internship begins are also eligible. (Students who are enrolled in a second BA or BS program are not eligible.) 
Attend college in or be a permanent resident of LA County; and 
Be a United States citizen or permanent resident (non-citizen authorized to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis; also known as a “green card” holder). Students with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) status valid through the internship period are also eligible

Candidates are not eligible if:

· You have previously been a Getty Marrow Undergraduate intern at the American Cinematheque

· You have received a prior BA, BS, or higher degree

· Are family members of American Cinematheque staff or board members


We welcome a student with a strong set of skills and interests. We ask for a GPA of 3.5 or greater and a candidate who considers themselves a self-starter, with excellent critical thinking and analysis skills, attention to detail, and verbal and writing skills.

Candidates should have most or all of the following attributes:

Interest in film and film history or related interests in humanities or the visual arts
Excellent verbal, written, and listening skills
Manage multiple tasks in a timely manner
Follow instructions and ask thoughtful questions
Ability to work independently and as part of a team both in-person and virtually
Have a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn
Previous internships or other relevant experiences in the visual arts are a plus, but not required.

Duration and Compensation:

This position is based primarily on site at the organization’s headquarters in Hollywood. The intern and all other AC staff will work remotely on Fridays. The schedule is typically 10:00am-5:00pm (maximum of 40 hours per week), with occasional weekend or evening events. This 10-week opportunity is preferably slated for June 17 to August 23, although the organization would consider a June 10 to August 16 window.

The exact schedule will be discussed and decided upon prior to hiring. Pay rate is $17.31/hr.

How to apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Christine Moore, Human Resources, at by April 5th. Please send questions about the position to this email.

Apply no later than Friday, April 5th, 2024.