Jun 4, 2024

Whippoorwill Arts

We are based in the SF Bay Area - remote work accepted

Request for Proposal: Grant Writing Services

Founded in 2018 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Whippoorwill Arts is on a mission to invest in and uplift the work of roots musicians and nurture their creativity with a focus on collaboration, fair wages, equity, and social justice.

In 2020, Whippoorwill Arts commissioned a milestone national research study conducted by Slover-Linett Audience Research, “Turn Up the Mic, Tune Up the Future: A National Research Study of Roots Musicians in the U.S.” The study revealed a need for three kinds of change:
Economic Equity
Professional Protections
Collective Effort

Rooted in these pillars, Whippoorwill Arts has created innovative programs that create paid performance opportunities and professional development programs for high-quality musicians, while also bringing live music to underserved communities in non-traditional venues such as homeless shelters, addiction centers, and public schools. Whippoorwill Arts also engages in ongoing advocacy to improve working conditions for professional musicians.

Whippoorwill Arts is a national organization, currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Colorado with plans to expand to additional sites around the country.

Whippoorwill Arts seeks a qualified person or firm to provide grant writing services to the organization. As a relatively new non-profit organization that has only recently begun receiving grant funding, Whippoorwill Arts is seeking a partner to proactively help it increase and optimize funding from institutional sources. Scope of services to include:
Continuing and improving the current grant process, systems, and reporting for active and in-progress grants;
Researching funding opportunities from private foundations, government funders, and corporations to identify alignment with Whippoorwill Arts programs in each of its locations across the country;
Drafting and submitting LOIs and grant proposals in a timely, thorough, and compelling manner to ensure and grow funding for Whippoorwill Arts programs;
Tracking all grant applications and awards, and liaising with Whippoorwill Arts finance and program staff to ensure grant contracts, reports, and other necessary paperwork is filed in a timely manner.
Drafting other communications as needed and appropriate on behalf of organizational leadership to help establish or build relationships with potential or existing funders;
Serving as advisor to Whippoorwill Arts staff and Board members regarding funding strategies, including collecting and sharing feedback from funders regarding Whippoorwill Arts programs and grant applications.

Whippoorwill Arts is seeking an individual or firm with at least 3-5 years of successful experience in securing funding from institutional sources, and knowledge of best practices in researching, writing, and reporting on grants from a variety of sources. As an organization that does not fit in the traditional “box” of an arts non-profit, we are seeking someone who is interested in helping us advocate with funders and find non-traditional funding opportunities, as well as pursuing the more traditional open application opportunities. Preference given to those with experience and a personal connection to music or the arts, as well as those based in one of the geographic areas currently served by Whippoorwill Arts (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Nashville, Colorado).

This is a part-time contract, generally ranging from 5 – 15 hours/month with possibility for growth as additional funding opportunities are identified.

Salary: Hourly Rate based on experience and track record

Benefits: N/A – lunch at staff meetings, free attendance at concerts.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Deadline to apply: June 27, 2024

Documents required to apply: Resume, Cover Letter, References, Work Sample/Portfolio, Writing Sample

How to apply: Email manager@whippoorwillarts.org with resume, grant writing sample, and please include a cover letter with the types of grants you have raised:

MAJOR DONOR: Individuals contributing $5000+

FOUNDATION: Private and.pr Public Foundations?

GOVERNMENT: Please specify state, federal, NIA, NIH etc


Have you raised gifts of $5000+? How many?

Largest gift raised from one source, name of source, amount, date, purpose.

“We meet in person on Mondays in Point Richmond, are you available to attend once/quarter? This is not a requirement but a preference.”