Oct 29, 2020

With just a few days left until the election, it is essential that you as arts advocates across the region make your voices heard! Be sure to vote, encourage your friends and family to vote, and research the many local measures and propositions on this year’s ballot. Arts for LA has officially endorsed California Propositions 15 and 16 – read our full statement for information about how voting YES vote on these statewide propositions will benefit the arts + culture sector.

This month, Arts for LA hosted our 2nd Annual State of the Arts Summit (SOTA). Thank you to the 300 advocates who joined us from across the region, state, and world! And another thank you to our nearly 40 speakers/panelists, artists, wellness leader, and funders for your leadership. Stay tuned for updates on Arts for LA’s 2021 policy and advocacy agenda. Please scroll below for a few ACTIVATE Innovator videos and an update on the 2020 Laura Zucker Research Report. Lastly, please take a minute to complete Californians for the Arts’ timely survey survey by scrolling below and clicking the link.

GO VOTE arts advocates, and congratulations to the LA Dodgers and LA Lakers on their championships! #LALeads

Gustavo Herrera
Executive Director


Dr. Sheila Reamerm, Equity in the Arts Project


Maricela Martinez, Las Mariachis Project


Justus Jones, Let Art Help Project


ACTIVATE Innovators is a project incubator that supports artists, art + culture professionals, and community advocates in addressing the most urgent issues facing their community. This program pairs participants with an expert mentor and connects them with the resources necessary to realize their advocacy work.

During the State of the Arts Summit on October 16, five of our eight brilliant Innovators were given the opportunity to pitch their newly developed advocacy projects. These presentations were engaging, inspiring, and we were so excited to share them with our audience. Click here to learn more about their projects, and for how you can get involved!

Now, we want to share with you three more pitch presentations from our ACTIVATE Innovators. These Innovators were unable to present at SOTA, and so we are sharing their work with you here! Click above to learn more about each of these three Innovators and their incredible plans for change.

We will also share the videos of our ACTIVATE Innovators pitch presentations from the 2020 State of the Arts Summit, soon. Stay tuned!

Each year, the Laura Zucker Fellowship supports an innovative research project, with the aim of informing regional arts + cultural policy development, reform, or implementation across Los Angeles County.

At the State of the Arts Summit on October 16, 2020 Fellow Nahal Jalali presented a preview of her research: Art as Innovation: Embedding Artists and Creativity Across Local Governments in Los Angeles County.

We are so excited to share this report with you, coming in November, stay tuned!

Californians for the Arts

COVID-19 Impact Survey

Californians for the Arts Designed two surveys to gather information about the financial and human impacts of COVID-19’s pandemic-related restrictions and the State of California’s practicing artists, creative workers, culture bearers, educators, and arts and culture organizations.

Please complete today and share with your networks! We need to let policymakers know the impact of COVID-19 on the California arts and creative industries in order to effectively advocate for:

Industry Guidelines to Reopen Arts Safely
Prioritization of Relief Funding
Increase Funding to the California Arts Council, the state arts agency
Survey for Individuals
Survey for Organizations
Understanding AB 2257, Follow Up Legislation to AB 5, and Its Impact on the Arts Sector

On October 7th, Californians for the Arts hosted a webinar Understanding AB 2257, Follow Up Legislation to AB 5, and Its Impact on the Arts Sector. AB 2257, follow up legislation to AB 5, was signed by Governor Newsom on September 4, 2020 and went into effect immediately.

Click Here for the Recorded Webinar
The law includes new exemptions for musicians, performing artists and fine artists. Learn more about these new exemptions in this webinar moderated by Julie Baker, Executive Director, California Arts Advocates/Californians for the Arts; guest speakers Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, 80th District, Author AB 5 and AB 2257; Assembly Majority Leader Ian C. Calderon, 57th District, Principal Co-author AB 2257; John Acosta, President, AFM Local 47; and Sara B. Boyns, Attorney, Fenton & Keller.

Create CA: Create the Vote

Join us for #CreateTheVote which is a campaign to get out the vote, highlight how civic engagement ties to arts education, and encourage your community to engage in local elections. Make sure to sign the pledge for arts education at createca.org and follow their social media channels to receive up-to-date information on graphics for your community, exciting poster giveaways featuring acclaimed artists, and information on how this election matters to arts education.


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