Jun 15, 2023

A Statement from Gustavo Herrera, CEO of Arts for LA

As a passionate advocate for arts and culture, Arts for LA stands in solidarity with the members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) who made the decision to go on strike on May 2, and members of SAG-AFTRA who are currently in negotiations and voted to authorize their own strike if an agreement isn’t reached before their contract expires on June 30. We recognize and appreciate the immense talent, creativity, and hard work that writers, actors, and media artists bring to the film, television, and radio industries. Their stories captivate and inspire us and help to shape the cultural landscape we all cherish.

At Arts for LA, we believe it’s essential to prioritize equitable pay and a living wage for the tireless work artists and arts workers provide to the creative economy. Our advocacy centers access, opportunity, and sustainability which is reflected in our Creative Jobs Collective Impact Initiative.

We also understand the uncertainties and challenges that arise from this situation; that the pause in work has already had far-reaching effects on various sectors within the entertainment industry. From production crews to directors to technicians, the impact has been felt by many.

As an organization committed to promoting and advocating for arts and culture, we believe it is imperative for all sides to come to the table, engage in meaningful dialogue, and work towards a resolution that uplifts writers, actors, and media artists not only financially but also by valuing their essential roles in shaping the stories we love.

Members of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA deserve contracts that reflect the true value of their contributions. Together, let us foster an environment that celebrates the artistry of writers, actors, and media artists and that guarantees a bright future for the film and television industries so we may continue impacting lives through creativity.