Keeping the Focus

With the financial crisis continuing its ripple effect, Arts for LA is working at both the tactical short-term as well as long-term advocacy strategy to inform and mobilize arts advocates throughout the region.

The New Face of Cultural Infrastructure

Laura Zucker
Los Angeles County is called the creative capital of the world for obvious reasons, and that title is finally taking root in a sustainable way. For the first time in a generation, a significant number of L.A. County's school districts (there are an astonishing 81 of them serving 1.7 million students) are committing to arts education.

Balancing Hope, Realism, and the Many Hats We Wear

Our Guest Blog continues with Mark Slavkin's take on the human impact mid-year budget cuts have on our field and the people who keep the wheels moving forward. Mark Slavkin

State Budget Woes Threaten School Districts

The LA Times Homeroom Blog reported that another $3 billion in cuts have been proposed to the Department of Education for FY 08-09

State Supt. of Pubic Instruction Jack O'Connell made a statement in response to the cuts.