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Schedule a Meeting with a Board Member

Have you scheduled a meeting with your LAUSD School Board member?  Let others know the date, time and School Board district by adding it to our School Board Meeting Page.  If you're looking to join a previously scheduled meeting, check out the Meeting Page.

Arts Ed Advocates in Action

I have to admit, when we embarked on this process last fall it was hard to imagine that just a few months later, five teams in five school districts would be leading their own advocacy campaigns, and that so many individuals would be taking on leadership and figuring out how they can sustain their arts ed programs and their advocacy efforts into the future.

700 Letters in 30 Days

At the dawn of a new decade those of us who are working in arts and culture find ourselves in an interesting moment.  

The state fiscal crisis continues to impact cities and school districts throughout our region.  While our individual goals may be to maintain our own organizations' solvency, our collective goal must be to retain the critical infrastructure that has been built over the past ten years, especially in arts education.

LAUSD ACPN Urgent Action - Update


The LAUSD ACPN advocacy campaign made the front page of the LA Times. The article illustrated the impact the budget freeze has on the over eighty ACPN providers.