I've been thinking...

Danielle Brazell, Executive Director of Arts for LAI’ve been thinking….

About why I do what I do. It could feel like a never-ending battle to increase support for the arts in Los Angeles, especially during tough budget cycles.

Home Stretch

Whew! Take a deep breath, advocates.


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The Chrysalis Blog: Working Through Graduate School

By Camille Schenkkan

Camille Schenkkan

Skip lunch to leave work an hour early. Eat an energy bar in the car. Arrive at school at 7pm. Get home at 11pm and do as much reading as possible before passing out. When the alarm goes off at 7am, do it again.

Advocacy: It's all about the numbers


Strength in Numbers

They say advocacy is all about numbers: the number of people in a network and the number of constituents who take action. While this is true, advocacy is also about relationships. Having solid relationships with those in your network as well as those you advocate to is essential to developing the trust needed to make successful change.

'Tis the Season. Budget Season.

Tis the season. Budget season. With all the advocacy campaigns we have launched in recent weeks, I think it's safe to assume that anyone reading this blog has probably taken action on one of our recent campaigns, whether it be for your school district, municipality, or the County.

Report Out: LAUSD Parent Advocates Meet With Board Member Yolie Flores


Yolie Flores meeting

PTA parent and Arts Ed Advocate Cynthia Willman has authored this Guest Blog outlining her recent meeting with LAUSD board member Yolie Flores organized by a group of parent advocates in LAUSD District 5.

Arts Ed Advocates in Action

I have to admit, when we embarked on this process last fall it was hard to imagine that just a few months later, five teams in five school districts would be leading their own advocacy campaigns, and that so many individuals would be taking on leadership and figuring out how they can sustain their arts ed programs and their advocacy efforts into the future.

Principal Stephanie Harris on LAUSD Arts Ed

Principal Stephanie Harris, recently of Short Avenue Elementary School and now assigned to 54th Street Elementary School, presented the following to the LAUSD School Board at the Committee of the Whole on January 19, 2010.