Brittney Mendez

Brittney Mendez is a first-generation Mexican American freelance illustrator and animator, who carved her path through hard work and determination. Despite the challenges of growing up in a low income household, her unwavering commitment to her artistic development led her to the prestigious Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Instead of following the path of entering the world of animation media via enrolling in a four-year college, she found her way by unconventional work paths. She is an alumni of Santa Monica Community College, and has joined organizations, such as “LatinX in Animation”, “Women in Animation”, and the “Group Effort Initiative” as invaluable resources. Brittney currently works as a freelance 2D animator for indie animations, made by smaller productions. She utilizes social media as her way of connection with other freelancers and to support the rise of up-and-coming independent animations in the industry.